What to Expect


So you will know what to expect when you visit The Healing Encounters, we would like to walk you through what your first visit will look like. 


The Healing Encounters operates similarly to a walk-in clinic.  When you first come in, you will be greeted by the receptionist. The receptionist will ask you to sign your name on the list for the day. This list consists of people who are coming for prayer. You will fill out an information sheet. This sheet is for our information only and is strictly confidential.  On the information sheet, you will be asked to share your specific prayer needs. 


You will then be assigned to a prayer team comprised typically of three people who will minister to you in a private, safe and comfortable setting.  Team members will share verses from the Word of God related to healing, the atonement of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the authority of the name of Jesus.  The team will then pray in agreement with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. We are not counselors, so we will not do counseling. 


Prayer sessions will last 20-30 minutes. When your prayer time is finished, you will be given some handouts to take home with scriptures on “How to Keep Your Healing” and “The Healing Word.” Here is one of them:


Therefore, I say to you: “All things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have

received them, and they shall be granted you.” Mark 11:24


We want you to feel comfortable while you are at The Healing Encounters.  Feel free to ask the team leader any questions you may have.  Our purpose in being here is to serve you by joining with you in faith and seeking the Lord’s blessings on your behalf.  We want you to enjoy all the benefits Christ purchased for His Church in the atonement at Calvary.  We desire for you to experience all that God has for you – nothing less.

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