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To be a volunteer you must have completed a group Healing Encounters Weekend Training. This will give you information as to how we pray in the encounters, how we enter into intercessory prayer, and what other areas of serving are available in the Healing Encounters.


Once you have taken the Weekend Training you will be given a Pastor's Letter. You will mail or give the Pastor's Letter to your pastor to be filled out. When your pastor has filled in the information he will return the letter to The Healing Place Healing Encounters and we will make an appointment with you to come for an interview.


When you become acquainted with what a volunteer does during the Weekend Training, you will want to pray and ask God if this is where He wants you to serve. One of the questions you will be asked in your interview is, "Do you feel called by God to be a part of this ministry?"


We welcome volunteers (called by God) all the time. Some feel led to pray on our team, some gravitate toward intercessory prayer, while others are interested in helps ministries.


If you would like information about our Weekend Training please contact us.

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